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Le lunch façon éco responsable

par Mazrou

Spring has returned and, while social networks have shown us all that it brings more beautiful, I advocate the devil and notice … the amount of waste on the ground! At this early picnic time in our beautiful parks, here are some local solutions to reduce its waste and its ecological footprint.

1- Reusable bags from eco-manufact .

They are two sisters from Montreal who make these small bags of several used here. Replacing the famous Ziploc bags or serving as storage space, they take up little space , are easy to clean and conserve food thanks to PUL fabric, which keeps the moisture level perfect (no drought or accumulation of water) humidity). These are my favorite bags of all those tried so far, and they are also very cute!

Direction their Facebook and Instagram pages for ideas of using the bags.

2- The sandwich envelopes

For my sandwich, I use my sandwich envelope which, by unfolding , also serves me as a placemat  for lunch in the office. While being malleable, the pouch is rigid enough not to flatten your sandwich, while being very solid and well made. It is washed with a soapy towel, so easy to use! In addition, we like the continuous renewal of fabrics of the Quebec company.

3- Saksac’s grocery bags

Unlike Sam Mendes, who realized the iconic scene of the plastic bag in the wind  in  American Beauty , I find it rather ugly, a plastic bag. There are so many durable and practical options for reusable bags, their use is, in my opinion, illogical.

The worst? Small vegetable bags. Are they REALLY useful? Considering that we cleans our vegetables anyway once home and that most of the items purchased are unique, let me doubt it. Let’s put everything in the basket! As for the multiple items, use the Small Saksac Bags , net bags that, in addition to being reusable, allow the food to breathe and can therefore be used for storage once at home.

Saksac also makes plain cloth bags, for small bulk foods or flours.


(C) Saksac

4- In the bread bag

Who says picnic says wand! In the bag offers bread bags of various sizes, all made of cotton, a fiber that is durable and breathable. In addition to being eco-friendly, you will be trendy  for lunch!

A GI account to see also to learn zero-waste lifestyle.

5- Marie-Fil Bowl Cover

I tried the alternative « wax of beeswax » to avoid the plastic film, but in my case, it was not a blow of heart. I’m so glad to have discovered this alternative of Marie-Fil , again made here and easy to clean, besides being adjustable !

Also visit the rest of her shop : Marie-Fil is a reference in sustainable alternatives  (bulk bags, sandwich bags, bread bags, make-up removing pads, etc.)


The bowl replaces the famous « saran-wrap » (c) Marie-Fil


(C) Marie-Fil

What is the next eco-responsible gesture you intend to make?

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